The Best Activities to do in Cape Breton in the Summer

If you’re trekking to Northern Nova Scotia, chances are you are going all the way there to experience the golf at Cabot Links.  As mentioned in my blog post, my husband calls Cabot Links "the Pebble Beach of Canada," and it remains one of his favorite places.  I asked him to pass along some of his "pro" tips for any golf readers out there (see below).  However, if you do not golf, there are also some fun options to fill up the day.  Most of the excursions involve a 30+ min car ride, so access to your own transportation is essential.  

    • The greens run slower this far north
    • Late afternoon rounds can get chilly, so it's wise to pack an extra sweater in your golf bag (and even a hat, or "torque," as Canadians call it).
    • His favorite hole was #16 -- a challenging par 3 that requires a 150 yard tee shot over the ocean to the green.
    • Cabot Links does not have a range, but Cabot Cliffs does.  It's a short drive (less than 5 minutes), and a shuttle service is provided.  Leave time to warm up if you are teeing off at Cabot Links, because you will have to double back after warming up at the range.
Cabot Links course
  • Take a golf lesson, and then "couch surf:"   I am not a golfer, but I decided to take the attitude, "When in Rome," and signed up for a lesson while staying at Cabot Links.   My husband was elated, because truthfully, I spent the first few years of our relationship (lovingly) poking fun of the sport.  Every time he turned the channel to golf, I would pretend to instantly fall asleep.  Is it just me, or does every golf sportscaster sound like they are narrating a National Geographic wildlife film? (Not the cool ones).  However, there must be something in the air at Cabot Links, because after a few days I started to change my perspective, and actually started to like golf!  It didn't hurt that the course was breathtakingly beautiful.  After a few hours, I learned some important tips with my pro, Ryan -- belt buckle forward folks!  When the lesson finished, the staff seemed to know the way to my heart, offering warm cookies to eat on one of the outdoor sofas overlooking Cabot Cliffs.  Nice touch Cabot -- that's my kind of golf


cabot links golf
cabot links
  • Hiking: Check out trail map info here.


  • Whale watching: The hotel gives wonderful reviews of Captain Mark, although I have not personally attended one of his excursions.  If you are staying at Cabot Links, it's about a 90 min ride to his location.


  • Explore Baddeck:  I really enjoyed this little town (read more in the blog post). It’s a very small village (think of Ryan Reynolds’ hometown in the movie The Proposal), and to my surprise, I spent 5 hours exploring. Here’s what they have to offer: 

Shopping: The stores may be small in number, but they are curated for quality.  

Ferry to the lighthouse:  I’m using “ferry” generously here. This is a quick 5 minute boat ride to the lighthouse. There is a small beach and a short walking trail. 

Amoeba Sailing tours:  Learn more here if you'd like to set sail.  

Cabot Links
Cabot Links
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