Destination Guide: Big Sur, Pebble Beach, & Carmel

Before You Go:

Sample Itinerary- 5 Days

Currency: US dollar

Plugs: The US uses A and B plugs, and operates on a 120V voltage 

Time zone: Pacific Daylight Time

When to visit:  Highway 1 is beautiful to visit year round.  High season is April-October.  

How many days: 5-7 days.

Language: English

Nearest airport: Monterey airport (regional) or San Francisco (2 hrs away), San Jose (75 min away), and Oakland (2 hrs away).

Getting around: Access to a car is a must in order to explore everything there is to see along Highway 1. 

Local history: Spanish explorers sailed past Big Sur in 1542.  It remained a Spanish (and then Mexican) territory until 1848.

Fun fact: Electricity was not possible in Big Sur until the 1950’s!

Where I Roamed:

July 10, 2020 6:46 pm

Big Sur and Pebble Beach

  • Distance Instructions
  • Distance 68 miles
  • Time 2 h 0 min
  • Speed 36 mph
  • Min altitude 13 ft
  • Peak 965 ft
  • Climb 7133 ft
  • Descent 6929 ft

Where to Sleep in Big Sur & Pebble Beach

What to Do in Big Sur & Pebble Beach

Where to Eat in Big Sur & Pebble Beach