Destination Guide: Santa Barbara

Before You Go:

Sample Itinerary - 1 Week

Currency: US dollar

Plugs:  The US uses A and B plugs, and operates on a 120V voltage and 60 HZ

Time zone: Pacific Daylight Time

When to visit: Santa Barbara has mild temperatures all year round The high season is June-August.

How many days needed: 3-5 days.

Getting around: Rent a car to more easily access hikes and activities. If you prefer to use public transportation, here are some options. 

Language: English

Nearest airport: Santa Barbara Airport (nearest International is LAX, approx 1.5 hours away)

Local history: Santa Barbara was founded by the Spanish.  Upon their arrival in 1782, the Spanish established a mission and Spanish style architecture still influences the city today.

Fun fact: Santa Barbara is one of the best spots for beach camping! One of the most popular locations is Refugio State Beach.

Where I Roamed:

July 7, 2020 6:24 pm

Santa Barbara and Monterey Map

  • Distance Instructions
  • Distance 224 miles
  • Time 5 h 25 min
  • Speed 44 mph
  • Min altitude 0 ft
  • Peak 2192 ft
  • Climb 14718 ft
  • Descent 14688 ft

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