Destination Guide: Woodstock, Vermont

Before You Go:

Currency: USD

Plugs:  US plugs 

Time zone: Eastern Standard Time

When to Visit: The high season runs from June-October, with a surge in October for autumn leaf-peeping. 

How to get around:  It's best to bring your own car or rent one.

How many days needed: 2

Language: English

Nearest airport: Lebanon Municipal Airport, and Burlington and Manchester Airport (approx 1 hour away)

Local history: Walking around town, you may notice the town's nod to the Rockefellers! Laurance Rockefeller bought and renovated the Woodstock Inn, helping to maintain the town's 19th century architecture.

Fun fact: The town offers a free wi-fi service, nicknamed "Woodstock Wireless."

Where I Roamed:

October 14, 2020 1:52 am

Woodstock Map

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