Luxury Hotel Review: The Woodstock Inn

front entrance of Woodstock Inn, Vermont

If you’re heading to Woodstock to check out the town, chances are you will run into the Woodstock Inn -- just as the wood covered bridges and the charming main street make every tourists’ “must see” Woodstock list, this particular inn has become symbolic of Vermont classic luxury and comfort, and is an iconic part of the town.  Once you walk by the entrance, or pull into the main drive as a guest, it’s easy to see why.

When you first arrive...

The first words that came to mind for me were “mini Whitehouse meets Martha Stewart.”  Dressed in all white paint (and a bald eagle emblem), this inn reflects the classic elegance of New England architecture, but also includes design touches that elevate the natural environment.  Large pumpkins dot the main driveway, the last of the summer hydrangeas show off their blooms along the perimeter, and mums welcome you by the front gate.  A luscious green lawn, adorned with inviting adirondack chairs and flowers, greets both guests and passerbys.  Folks, if you need a spot to sit back and relax, this is it!

Side view of the Woodstock Inn, Vermont
adironack chairs on the lawn of Woodstock Inn
Pumpkin decoration at the Woodstock Inn

Come on in!

The inn is just that… an inn -- it’s not a large resort or hotel chain, but instead feels as if you’re walking into someone’s very spacious and well decorated home. A welcoming 6 ft. wide fireplace with reading chairs immediately awaits, with plenty of sitting areas on either side if someone already snatched those fireside seats.  There are a few separate nooks adjacent to the lobby, with lounging areas, tables, and comfortable reading chairs.  We didn't hesitate to set up our backgammon board and get the competition started early!  Also, for the history fans out there, you'll notice many nods to the Rockefeller family throughout the inn -- that's because Laurance Rockefeller purchased and remodeled the hotel in the 1960's.


If you’re hungry, there are two restaurants on site, The Red Rooster and Richardson’s Tavern.  We only had time for a quick dessert pit stop, and the Vermont maple cake is to die for!  Further down the hall there is a spa, and summer guests have the added benefit of enjoying an outdoor pool, located adjacent to the main courtyard. 

Fireplace at the Woodstock Inn
Interior display at the Woodstock Inn
sitting area in the woodstock inn

Time to sleep

When you’ve finished strolling the streets and need to rest your feet, you’ll be sure to find comfort in your bedroom oasis.  I chose a Tavern King Fireplace room, which was tastefully appointed with crisp white sheets, comfortable reading chairs, and just enough country decoration to feel modern, but not too “grandma” (if you know what I mean).  Simple decorative plates hung on the walls, and the designers kept the floral patterns to a minimum (to my husband’s relief).  We lucked out with courtyard views, and if you dare open the windows in fall, you’ll experience the cool Vermont air as you sleep. 

fireplace and wall decorations in a bedroom at the Woodstock Inn
bedroom at the Woodstock Inn

Would I Return?

The Woodstock Inn is the place to stay if you are seeking high end luxury and comfort, and overall I very much enjoyed my stay there.  However, the hotel had some service “misses” that hopefully are what I like to call “COVID-era complications.”  Parking spaces were not always available (and no staff to help, given COVID separation restrictions).  Additionally, a large wedding was held on site that stretched hotel resources a bit thin, and resulted in long wait times in the restaurant for hotel guests.  However, I truly think some of these issues were anomalies for the Woodstock Inn, and I wouldn't hesitate to book another room again!

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