Destination Guide: Munich, Germany

Before You Go:

Sample Itinerary- 10 days

Currency: Euro 

Plugs: Adapters are needed (if visiting from outside the EU).  Germany operates on a 230V.

Time zone: Central European Time (CET) is the standard time, but Central European Summer Time (CEST) is adopted for Daylight Savings.  

When to Visit:  The summer months leading into Oktoberfest are the peak times to visit Munich.  This lasts from June-October.  December is another popular time for touring the Christmas markets.  

Language: German

Nearest airport:  Munich International Airport is located approximately 25-30 minutes outside the city center.  

Getting around:  For transportation to/from the airport, there are ubers, taxis, or the public railway called the S-Bahn.  For private transfer, I’d recommend Muenchen Flughafen Transfer.  To get around the city, there’s the subway (U-Bahn), or it’s popular to rent bikes and scooters using the Lime app.  It’s also an easy city to traverse by foot.  

How many days needed: 3-5 days.

Local history:  Munich was heavily bombed by Allied forces during World War 2, where as much as 40% of the city’s buildings were destroyed.  

Fun fact:  Beer is considered a food in Bavaria, and there are 60 beer gardens scattered throughout the city. 

Where I Roamed:

May 29, 2022 5:37 pm


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What to Do in Munich