Destination Guide: Watch Hill / Westerly, RI

Before You Go:

Sample Itinerary- 5 days

Currency: USD

Plugs: The US uses A and B plugs, and operates on a 120V voltage.

Time zone: Eastern Standard Time

When to Visit: High season runs from May-September, when summer temperatures attract tourists to visit the beautiful beaches.

Language: English

Nearest airport:  The closest major airports include Bradley International Airport in Hartford (83 miles), Boston Logan International Airport (100 miles), and LaGuardia Airport in NYC (142 miles).  There are also regional airports nearby.  The closest ones are Theodore Francis Green Memorial State Airport in Providence (48 miles), and Tweed New Haven Regional Airport (70 miles).

Getting around:  It's best to have your own car.  If you're arriving by train, there's an Amtrak station 15 minutes away from downtown Watch Hill, and Ubers are available.

How many days needed: 3-5 days

Local history:  During the French-Indian War, colonists used this area as a lookout point...thus leading to its' name, Watch Hill.

Fun fact: Taylor Swift will be your seaside neighbor -- she owns the large house at the top of Watch Hill, and throws some epic 4th of July parties!

Where I Roamed:

February 4, 2022 3:10 pm

Watch Hill

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