Sedona Pink Jeep Tours

Grand Canyon and Broken Arrow

It's impossible to vacation in Sedona without seeing the famous Pink Jeeps cruising around town.  Pink Jeep Adventure Tours is a local company that runs excursions through Sedona and also north into the Grand Canyon.  My husband and I wanted to hop on board, however, I could not participate in their famous off-road expeditions, given I was pregnant.  Instead, we chose to do a Pink Jeep- Grand Canyon tour, where we got to ride around in a snazzy pink van (which is a safer option for mobility impaired or pregnant guests).  I half expected Elle Woods to be our driver. 


Below is a run down of what to expect on the Pink Jeep Grand Canyon tour, and further down you'll find info on the Pink Jeep off roading experience, which we checked off our "wish-list" a year later.

Grand Canyon:

grand canyon
pink jeep grand canyon

The day started with a 2-2.5 hour drive north, through Oak Creek Canyon. The van stopped first at a Native American craft store, where we stocked up on snacks and checked out the local arts.  We then entered the Grand Canyon, making two stops: one at Mather Point, where we ate lunch, and one at Grand Canyon Village, where we had an hour to walk around without a guide.  Mather Point was less crowded, and we had easy access to never ending panoramic views.  On the opposite end of the spectrum, Grand Canyon Village is a busy, crowded tourist center.  We had time for a short hike along Bright Angel Trail, where I managed through my fear of heights one step at at time.  Did you know there are no guardrails in the Grand Canyon?!  


Would I go again?

Although we enjoyed finally seeing the Grand Canyon, in retrospect, I would have opted to visit this site on my own.  The Pink Jeep Adventure guide was knowledgeable, and knew which entrance would be the least crowded, saving us hours of time. The vans were also comfortable, which is high praise given my belly's large status.   However, I was beholden to the company's schedule and selection of activities.  If I were to return, I would instead spend some time penciling out my own route, and packing my own lunch.  I think the van is the perfect option for travelers with mobility issues, or who prefer to skip the driving.  However, I would not recommend it for adventure seekers or those that want to see the Grand Canyon at their own pace.

Broken Arrow Tour

Pink Jeep tour

A year later, I returned to Sedona, and this time signed up for the famous Broken Arrow Pink Jeep tour.   Both my husband (an adrenaline junkie), and I (a safety-first gal) found it exhilarating and fun.  Make sure to hold onto your camera!  Here's what to expect:

The Fun: 

  • You'll see wide, expansive views of Sedona's landscape, from areas inaccessible to other tour companies. The good news is: it won't be crowded and you'll feel part of the wild.
  • Be ready to make steep climbs over rock formations in your jeep. Hold on tight!
  • My husband really enjoyed the parts where it felt like we were about to tip over.  These drivers have special licenses which bring 4-wheel driving to a whole new level.


Good to Know: 

  • It’s an expensive tour (about $250 for two people)
  • You will only have about 10 minutes at each vista to get out and take photos.  
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