Luxury Hotel Review: Singita Grumeti Faru Faru

Tanzania - Faru Faru pool

Singita Grumeti Faru Faru was a 12/10 hotel experience.  No matter how long you stay, you’ll always wish you had one more day. 

What can you expect on your safari?

A trip to Faru Faru begins at the airstrip, where your guide will greet you in a small, but beautifully polished hut next to the airstrip.  If you happen to be arriving from Serengeti National Park you may notice that the roads at this reserve are different.  They are paved -- a luxury you didn’t realize you missed so much! 


Singita Grumeti is a smaller private safari reserve, which has its perks compared to a national park.  Since overcrowding is not an issue, the tour guides frequently radio one another, giving a heads up about any must-see things (like a rare leopard sighting). 


A private reserve also means guides can take their time -- you won’t feel the need to go-go-go, and see the entire park in just a few days. The “hot spots” in the Grumeti reserve started to become familiar to me, and it was nice to get a feel for the land.  While I loved the first part of the safari at Lamai Serengeti, I didn’t have enough time to unwind at the hotel because I was gone for hours on end; however, a smaller reserve, like Singita Grumeti, enabled my husband and I to spend quality time at Faru Faru Lodge, in addition to seeing plenty of animals on our safari treks. 

What can you expect at the lodge?  

Tanzania - Faru Faru Lodge

Faru Faru has the posh and the personalization of any 5 star hotel, highlighting the glamping experience.  Here’s the breakdown of what to know: 

  • Cool off:  You can enjoy a refreshing dip in the pool.  The pool "happens" to overlook a local watering hole that animals flock to.  You will try to read a book, but I’m warning you that it will be hard to focus given the animal eye candy.
Tanzania - zebra
  • Eat up:  You will enjoy 5 star food, all while hanging in your safari clothes.  I had a hard time deciding between the lobster rolls, tuna kabobs, and eggplant soup -- and eventually just tried them all!  As a personalized touch, the lodge prepares individualized menus for its' guests every day, accounting for dietary restrictions. When you're done eating, head over to the fire pit for some s’mores and relaxing camp-fire atmosphere.
  • 5 star service:  You will have your own butler.  Paul, our butler, became a friend by the end of our short 3 day stay.  He knew our dietary restrictions, our food preferences, and was there to greet us every morning for breakfast, after every game drive with our favorite drinks already in hand, and again for dinner.  


  • Modern day conveniences:  When you wake up in the morning, just simply press a button and the windows to your 4th wall will open up, leaving you right there with the animals.  Ladies, although you won’t necessarily need it, feel free to plug in the provided hairdryer, or do your makeup in front of the lit mirrors.  You'll also a full private outdoor shower set- up, if you prefer to bathe with nature.


  • Wellness is part of the hotel’s philosophy:  Has sitting in a safari jeep made your back a bit stiff?  No problem.  Just head on over to the gym for a quick workout, or stop in for a massage at the spa.  
Tanzania - Faru Faru room

Would I return?

Absolcutely!  Absolutely!  Absolutely!  When my husband and I take trips down memory lane of our travels, Faru Faru continues to stand in a class of its own.

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