The Ultimate Rome Travel Guide

view of Rome Italy

They say all roads lead to Rome.  Twelve years ago I felt the pull of the Eternal City as I selected my study abroad location.  As a history major, it doesn’t get any cooler than studying THE empire on its home turf.  My time overseas ignited my passion for travel — I wanted to see…

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Top 10 things to do in Rome

Spend a day at the Colosseum and Roman Forum:   Walking through the Colosseum and Roman Forum brings the term “field trip” to a whole new level.  There aren’t many cities that have such significant ancient structures still standing and available for touring.  It may not look quite the same from 2,000 years ago, but you’ll…

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A Local’s Guide to Best Restaurants in Rome

pizzeria da baffetto rome italy

When it comes to eating Italian food, there is the Holy Trinity to think about: pasta, pizza, and gelato. Rome is the type of city where you can easily find a delicious restaurant around every corner — my recommendations could be endless.  However, in the spirit of the Italian food Holy Trinity, I’ve included my…

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Luxury Hotel Review: Hotel Hassler

I have a confession to make. This rooftop picture of the city, taken from the balcony of Hotel Hassler, was snapped about 3 years before I was an actual hotel guest.  Sorry Hotel Hassler…I snuck in and just had to see the views!  I made a mad dash for the elevator, convinced someone I was…

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