Copenhagen Guide: 15 Festive Things to Do in Winter

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Where can you travel in winter where the temperature may indeed plummet, but the people party on?  Come see how the Danes do it!


When winter arrives, the chill takes over Copenhagen, and the "hygge" spirit comes alive – that’s the Danish word used to describe coziness – like wrapping yourself up in a blanket, enjoying a warm drink, and laughing with friends.  The Danes don’t let the dark keep them indoors –  this is one of the happiest countries on the planet afterall!  Welcome to a city whose people love the outdoors, where the Christmas markets are filled with happy customers enjoying gløgg (a warm mulled cider), and where the bars overflow with cheery patrons, bringing the warmth of inside spilling into the streets.


You won’t have a hard time finding things to do in Copenhagen in winter!


If your next winter destination is Copenhagen, you’re in for a magical experience.  I ventured there for a 3-day mini family reunion with my mom and brother, and we fell in love with the charming city, friendly people and delicious food.  This guide will help you plan your own unforgettable trip, by mapping out the most memorable things to do in Copenhagen in winter, along with hotel suggestions and our favorite places to eat.

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    Where is Copenhagen?

    Travelers, you’re far north in Northern Lights territory!  


    Copenhagen is located in Denmark, which is part of Scandinavia Europe (Scandinavia also includes Norway and Sweden).  


    And since I mentioned it (and my mom also asked before we left) –  yes, it is possible to see the Northern Lights, even from the city center.  While they occur year round, your best chances for a viewing would be on cold, clear night, from September-April.  We did not luck out with a show, but it could happen for you!

    Copenhagen google map location
    Photo Courtesy: Google Maps

    How Do You Get to Copenhagen?

    I traveled by air coming from the States, on my inaugural trip with SAS airline.  They included thoughtful cultural touches on the flight - like serving the Danish pastry Æbleskiver (small puff pancake)  


    If you’re based in Europe, there are many flights to Copenhagen; it’s also possible to take the train to Københavns Hovedbanegården (Central station) from numerous European cities, such as London, Amsterdam, Munich, Florence, and Brussels.  If you’re traveling by train, Seat 61 breaks down all the routes, and is a fabulous resource for planning.

    Need Help Planning Your Trips?

    How to Get Around Copenhagen?

    Many of the most memorable things to do in Copenhagen in winter are within the city center, or a short walking distance away.  This means that Copenhagen – even on those frosty winter days – is best explored by foot.  Just aimlessly walking the streets, and hopping into the stores and cafes, is the best way to experience the energy of this Nordic spot.


    It's also popular to ride bikes, just like the Danes do!  The city is set up for bike riding – there are designated lanes, lights, and everyone follows the rules of the road quite civilly (i.e. the opposite experience biking through NYC, where the lines seem like mere suggestions, and it’s every man for himself).


    There are also public buses, and metros available...and of course taxis too.  Taxis can be waved down — à la NYC style – or there are special taxi stands where you’ll find them waiting. 

    Compass Roam Tip: The Copenhagen Card

    Consider purchasing the Copenhagen Card if you plan to use public transportation and also wish to check out a few museums.  It includes:

    • Free entrance to 89 attractions across the city
    • Free public transportation
    • Kids under 11 are free 
    • Free airport transfer
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    Copenhagen Winter Weather

    What's the weather like in Copenhagen come winter?  This is one of the top Googled Copenhagen questions.  And guess what?  Your intuition is correct!  

    It’s cold! 

    However, don't let the temperature dissuade you; come wintertime, the city is as charming and cute as you’re hoping it will be.  Here's what you should keep in mind weather-wise.

    • Temperatures:  From November-February, lows hover around 27-30° F with highs closer to 37-40° F.  I know what you’re thinking if you’re from New England: “Wait, that’s not that different from home!  It doesn’t sound too bad!”  Ehhh…not quite.  Although Copenhagen’s climate is quite mild compared to its neighboring countries and cities, a Nordic 27-40° F just feels…different…compared to a New England one.  I have no background in weather science, but that’s my real-life assessment.  It’s a “you-still-have-to-wear-leggings-under-jeans” type of 37°. 


    • Snow:   Snowy flakes start to appear around November, with January and February as the snowiest months of the year.  However, don’t think of blizzards and blankets of snow.  The Gulf Stream and southerly Scandinavian location means that Copenhagen receives less snow compared to other Scandinavian spots.  Throughout the year, there are about 20-25 days of snow, with 6 inches total. 


    • Daylight:  During the winter, you can expect very short days, with sunrise around 8 am, and sunset around 3:30pm.  There is not much visible sun, or blue-bird sky days.  I know what you’re thinking – “Hmm, do I want to travel somewhere dark and cold?”  To the next bullet we go! 


    • Is Copenhagen worth visiting in Winter?  I’ve spelled out how Copenhagen is cold and is it worth visiting?  YES, 100%!  Take it from a gal that likes her sun that this city in the winter is special to experience.  The Danes are some of the happiest and friendliest people I’ve ever encountered.  When the sun sets, the city comes alive with lights strung across pedestrian walkways, people socializing in and outside of bars and restaurants, and everyone is still…biking!  There are plenty of museums and indoor attractions to check out if you need a break from the cold.  Lastly, vacationing here in wintertime means you’ll enjoy discounted hotel rates too. 
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    What to Pack For Winter in Copenhagen

    This is a walking city where you’ll spend most of the day outside exploring the sights by foot.  LAYERS ARE KEY!  Here's what to pack for winter in Copenhagen:

    • Warm/waterproof walking boots: You’ll be walking a lot, so make sure whatever you bring is comfortable, warm and waterproof.  I spent hours walking around in my Sorel boots


    • 1-2 winter coats:  This is not the most suitcase space saving decision, but hear me out.  Wear one coat on the plane - perhaps a more casual option that will be your primary jacket for the trip.  Then, bring another one if you are the type who likes a wardrobe change (think photos) I brought an Athleta winter and this Talbots pea-coat -- both kept me very warm and dry.


    • Warm sweaters and layering shirts:  Everyday I either wore a long sleeved shirt with thinner layering sweater, or a warm heavy sweater.  If you are a fan of wool, then check out Unbound Merino products.



    • Leggings/thermal underwear:  It’s a good idea to pack a thin pair of leggings to wear underneath your jeans or pants.  That extra layer is key to staying warm all day long. 


    • Gloves/mittens/hat/scarf:  Bring all of these too -- whatever your favorites may be.  

    Is it Worth Visiting Copenhagen in Winter? 15 Things to Do

    I’m sure visiting Copenhagen in the summer is stunning and serene; however, exploring the small city in the winter felt magical, and I can not imagine it any other way! So yes, it’s well worth it.  


    In December the city is decorated for the holidays and everything sparkles with splashes of Christmas lights.   There is so much to experience outside, but plenty of intriguing indoor activities too.  Here are 15 memorable things to do in Copenhagen in winter, even including a few off the beaten path recommendations you won’t find on every list out there.

    Visit The Christmas Markets

    If you’re visiting anytime from the end of November-December, then exploring the Christmas Markets would be at the top of my recommendation list of best things to do in Copenhagen in wintertime.   

    Picture small, wooden huts decorated with wreaths, lights, and pine branches – all lining the walkways of popular squares.  Some of the markets specialize in crafts, and gifts, while others are all about the food.  You can taste a traditional cup of gløgg (that’s mulled wine infused with spices, raisins and almonds), or try a bite of Æbleskiver (Danish pancake puffs),  or  devour some rich chocolatey fudge.


    Here are a few of my favorite Christmas markets found in Copenhagen 

    • Nyhavn Christmas Market: The charming wooden huts line the harbor, selling gifts and crafts.  
    • Højbro Plads Christmas Market:  The Christmas market in Højbro Plads is filled with sparkling lights, and you can even meet Santa!  
    • Tivoli Christmas Market:  The Tivoli Christmas market is a bit different compared to the others, as it also exists within an amusement park!  You can enjoy traditional pastries, while watching the rollercoaster fly on by.  
    • Kongens Nytorv Christmas Market:  Yes, there is gløgg here. Yes, there are crafts and gifts too.  However, what you should really beeline for is the wood-fired, slow roasted salmon.  This was one of my favorite foodie experiences of the trip, and it is not to be missed!  The perfectly cooked salmon will melt in your mouth, while you take in the sights and sounds of the square.
    fire roasted salmon kings market Copenhagen
    salmon sandwich copenhagen

    Compass Roam Pro Tip

     For the best view of Højbro Plads market, head to the restaurant/rooftop bar of the Illum department store.  

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    people buying sugar coated almonds copenhagen
    christmas market kongens nytorv
    chirstmas market chocolate copenhagen

    Experience the Hygge Spirit

    The Danes have a word that roughly translates as: surrounding oneself with things or people that bring coziness and comfort – this could be the relaxation of laughing with friends, or curling up with a good book, enjoying warm food and drink while it's cold outside,  or even watching a movie with someone you love….you get the idea. 


    So that’s right.  “Netflix and Chilling” counts as hygge too.  


    While this concept/feeling/idea of course exists outside of Denmark too (i’m enjoying my fire roaring as we speak), there is a certain hygge spirit that weaves through the air in Copenhagen.  It’s something that’s hard to put into words, but you’ll know what I'm talking about as soon as you step onto the cobblestone streets.  It’s hiding in the Christmas markets, the cafes, the lobbies of hotels, and bars.  Have fun experiencing it your own way!

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    Take Photos of Nyhavn Harbor

    If you’ve searched for images of Copenhagen, chances are pictures of this port populated your Google images or filled your Instagram feed with inspirational shots.  


    Today, the rows of colorful houses and restaurants line the canal walkways.  Wooden ships bob in the water, making for some city-scape eye candy.  Photographers are like moths to a flame over here (guilty)!    


    If you want to see more of the harbor, you can hop on the 1-hour cruise ride that takes you past famous sights like The Little Mermaid statue and  Amalienborg Palace.  Boats run regularly, and tickets can be purchased the day of – however, if you’re doing this in the winter, I’d recommend dressing warmly. 

    nyvhan harbor - things to do Copenhagen winter

    Compass Roam ClassRoom

    Nyhavn Harbor may be known today for its colorful buildings lining the waterway, but this area also has a….colorful…past.  Did you know that this harbor used to be Copenhagen’s Red Light District up until the 1960’s?!  Built in the 1670’s, it was the main maritime port, where sailors would come to socialize, drink, and…”catch up” with their girlfriends.  Until the area's “rebranding” in the 1970’s, it had the reputation as the seedy section of town.  Ironically today, it's the most beautiful spot! 

    It’s also where famous fairy tale author Hans Christen Anderson lived for 3 years…maybe the seaport served as inspiration for his tale, The Little Mermaid!


    Devour a Traditional Danish Lunch

    After spending a few hours walking through the chilly winter air, it's time to hop inside the nearest restaurant to feast on smørrebrød, and a warm drink.  Smørrebrød are open-faced sandwiches that can be topped with just about anything – meat, fish, cheese, chutneys…you name it!


    At Brooklyn Bar, we ordered traditional spiced and pickled herring smørrebrød, along with fried cod, and an avocado/potato take one too.  It's not fancy, but perfect for a casual lunch bite. 

    smorrebrod at brooklyn bar
    brooklyn bar restaurant - things to do copenhagen winter

    Wander Down Picturesque Pedestrian Streets

    Simply strolling the streets is one of the best things to do in Copenhagen in winter.


    Some of the most popular pedestrian streets include: Strøget, and Købmagergade.  Shops line the walkways, and the crowds grow quite a bit during the day.  In December, the streets sparkle with holidays lights, and decorations arch from one side of each pedestrian row to another, creating a canopy of light for those that pass through.  


    However, there are also sweet side streets and quieter sections, where you can branch off from the main roads.  Magstræde is a calmer street, with its colorful buildings lining the cobblestone.  As a fun fact, Magstræde is also the oldest street in the historic city center.

    woman on strogot street Copenhagen things to do winter
    street in Copenhagen
    pottery Copenhagen
    woman standing in front of military housing Copenhagen

    Visit One of the Oldest Amusement Parks in the World: Tivoli Gardens

    Even though I read all about Tivoli Gardens before traveling to Copenhagen, I’m not sure I was quite prepared for how cool this place would be!  


    I'd like to know, who decided: “Hmmm…let’s put a small amusement park in the middle of the city, fill it with incredibly beautiful rides that look like works of art...and then add in Christmas markets in  December to really get the party started...and how about some lush gardens too?  


    Whoever they are, they’re a genius. 


    Tivoli Gardens is the third oldest amusement park in the world, and it truly felt as if I had been transported into a fairytale.  It’s absolutely one of the best things to do in Copenhagen in winter, especially when the rides and markets are decorated in lights.  This isn't your typical traveling-carnival type of experience; the rides are old, but architecturally beautiful.  It’s no surprise that Walt Disney visited once, and is said to have been inspired to create his own park based on his Tivoli experience. 

    Tivoli Tips

    • Tivoli Gardens IS NOT open year round. There is a summer season, Halloween season and Christmas season.  Make sure to check opening times before planning your trip. 
    • The Entrance ticket and ride ticket are 2 separate tickets.  In other words, you can’t ride the rides just because you have an entrance ticket.  However, you can purchase a combo ticket. 
    • Buy your ticket ahead of time.  The entrance queue is still quite long (even with a ticket), but moves very quickly (less than 10 minutes).   
    • If you wish to skip the line, enter through the food court next to the Nimb Hotel.  There was no one there! 
    • In the winter, it’s best to be there by 2/3pm, so that you are able to see the park in the daylight, but then also see it transform with thousands of holiday lights at night. 
    • Make restaurant reservations ahead of time.  We had dinner in Tivoli Gardens at the vegetarian restaurant Gemyse.  Every bite was delicious, and the fried polenta was my favorite.  You’ll feel as if you’ve entered a greenhouse, and will spend a few hours enjoying a menu that highlights earthy ingredients.  
    Tivoli Gardens - things to do in Copenhagen in winter
    tivoli garden ferris wheel things to do copenhagen
    gemyse restaurant things to do copenhagen winter

    Take a Photo with the Little Mermaid

    Taking a photo of the Little Mermaid statue is one of the top things to do in Copenhagen -- rain or shine...winter, spring or're going to find this serene statue on every list.   However, you may be surprised as to where you find her.  


    The story goes Carl Jacobsen (an influential brewery man in the 1800s) fell in love with the Little Mermaid character from a ballet performance, and subsequently commissioned the statue to be built.  Guys sure do love this mermaid princess! 


    You'd expect her to sit in an iconic museum, or "swimming" in the harbor with Copenhagen's city as the backdrop -- a play on the movie when Ariel tries desperately to get a glimpse of "where the people are."  Instead, the statue sits solemnly outside the city, in a harbor with factory smoke stacks as the backdrop!  Not where I expected to find one of the most famous city landmarks!  This doesn't stop people from paying a visit, and taking a few photos.  You should too so you can see how beautiful she is up close, and bundle up if you're going in winter, because it gets quiet windy over in this part of the city.  

    little mermaid statue - things to do Copenhagen winter
    woman taking photo of little mermaid statue - things to do in copenhagen winter

    Bike Through The City

    Biking through Copenhagen was one of my favorite activities in Copenhagen…even during the winter!  


    Biking is a way of life for the Danes – they seem to bike through all the worst elements and still love it.  They bike in snow, they bike in rain, they bike when it gets completely dark by 3pm.  They simply just love to bike.  You’ll feel like a true local, not to mention experience the city the way they do, by hopping on a bike for a few hours.  


    How can you get started?  You can rent bikes for 60DKK/day, and explore on your own.  Alternatively, you can sign up for a bike tour.  We did the 2 hour historical tour with Segway Tours Copenhagen.  With this company we were able to see many of the sites, including Christiansborg Palace, and Amalienborg Palace, where you can see the changing of the guard. 

    woman riding bike copenhagen
    segway tours copenhagen

    Eat Your Way Through Torvehallerne Market

    Torvehallerne Market is packed with restaurants, bakeries, coffee shops and flower stands selling everything from Smørrebrød, to supposedly the best duck confit sandwich, to comforting bowls of porridge.  As an added bonus, the indoor market provides some shelter from the wintry winds.  There are also outdoor vendors selling fruit, veggies and flowers too.  Some of the popular shops inside include Grod (porridge), Hallernes (sandwiches/Smørrebrød), Gorm’s (pizza), and Ma Poule (sandwiches). 

    open face sandwiches copenhagen winter
    torvehallerne market - things to do copenhagen winter

    Climb to the Top of the Church Of Our Saviour

    I almost did this!  


    The journey to the top of Church of Our Saviour is a bit different than typical “skyscraper” climbs and is one of the coolest things to do in Copenhagen in winter.  The first ⅔  occurs indoors, up flights of very high, very rickety wooden stairs. Then, the last third of the climb spirals up and along the EXTERIOR of the building next to the helix spire.   If you're able to stomach it, you will be afforded with panoramic views of the city!  I made it to the entrance of the exterior before remembering my fear of made it 3 steps out...and my brother supposedly went to the top.  


    Be sure to check opening times before heading out - the climb to the top is closed January and February. 

    church of st saviour - things to do Copenhagen winter
    girl in front of church of st saviour Copenhagen

    Explore the Streets and Canals of Christianshavn

    After you’ve finished climbing to the top of Church of Our Saviour, take a stroll through the Christianshavn Neighborhood. 


    Christianshavn includes small islands and canals, which were designed by King Christian IV in 1617 to mimic the canals of Amsterdam.  The waterways are lined with boathouses and colorful buildings.  However, it isn’t just the picturesque scenery that draws visitors over – it’s also the eclectic, diverse, and friendly energy of the people who live there.  It’s where you’ll grab a pastry from a cafe with a slight hippie vibe, but then turn the corner and run into parents pushing their kids in strollers, chatting by the harbor.  It feels a bit more residential where people from all walks of life just hang together.

    FullSizeRender (1)
    woman with bike in christianivan neighborhood

    Eat at the Most Unique Michelin Star Restaurant - Alouette

    You won’t soon forget the food you had at Alouette, nor your first impressions upon arrival.   It’s sure to be one of the most memorable experiences you’ll have in Copenhagen in winter!


    Let me paint the picture.  Your taxi will drop you off in front of an unmarked building, and you'll have  a puzzled look on your face.  You’ll pull out your phone to double/triple check that you did in fact provide the correct address to the driver.  Yup.  


    Then, someone will appear magically out of thin air – à la Hogwarts style – and call your name.  You’ll follow him inside…a bit reluctantly…especially as he leads you all through graffiti lined hallways and into an industrial sized elevator.  Sounds like the recipe for a horror movie.  You’re happy you’re here with a few other people.  


    Then, the doors open and the warm glow of the restaurant greets your eyes, as relief simultaneously fills your mind.  You’ve stepped into what feels like your best friend's kitchen.  


    Next thing you know,  the same escort who took you through the courtyard puts on his chef apron (he’s the cook?!), and your dining journey begins!  Alouette’s menu changes frequently, so you’re in for a surprise meal (let them know ahead of time of any dietary restrictions - they can accommodate vegetarian/pescatarian diets).   


    We had hor d'oeuvres that included beetroot, which had been brined for 1 week and then smoked on the fire, as well as a savory custard using chicken eggs from one of the best pastures in the world.  Dessert was a heavenly plum ice cream, with poppy seed buttermilk sauce.  The meal finished off with a beautiful poem, folded like an origami work of art.  


    I hope you’re ready for your own unforgettable culinary experience – dining at Alouette is one of the best things you can do in Copenhagen in winter!

    desert alouette

    Go Back in Time to Buy Tea at A.C. Perch

    A.C. Perch is one of the oldest tea shops in the world and one of the most off-the-beaten-path activities you can do in Copenhagen in winter.  


    Every local tea lover in Copenhagen knows this shop, so be prepared for a line upon arrival – however, it moves quickly and is well worth the experience.  Stepping inside felt as if we had traveled back in time to the 1800’s!  The shopkeepers use old fashioned scales and weights to measure the tea. Then, it’s wrapped and stored in a vintage container, and off you go!  As a tea fanatic, this is a true hidden gem. 

    ac perch - things to do in copenhagen in winter
    AC Perch exterior - things to do copenhagen winter
    wall of tea at AC perch copenhagen

    Try a Cafe a Day

    The pastries in Copenhagen deserve their own spot on any “best things to do in Copenhagen” list.  As part of this 3-day trip, I made it a goal to visit “a cafe a day" throughout the city.  

    • Andersen and Maillard - The team at Andersen and Maillard starts their day at 3am, so that you can wake up with a perfectly baked croissant, and deliciously brewed cup of coffee. The owners behind this cafe are a powerhouse duo: coffee expert, Hans Kristian Andersen, and former Noma chef, Milton Abel. (Noma is the #1 restaurant in the world). 


    • Conditori La Glace- This is one of the oldest patisseries in Copenhagen, dating back to 1870, and the line will be out the door and around the corner when you get here!  If that doesn’t convince you that every local and tourist loves this spot, I’m not sure what will.  Make sure to try their hot chocolate too. 


    • Andersen Bakery- Years ago a Japanese tourist traveled to Copenhagen and fell in love with the Danish art of pastry-making.  She studied it and opened her own bakery back home.  Years later she came back to open a Copenhagen store too.  We didn’t get to sample this one sadly, but it’s highly recommended by locals.


    • Paludan Bog and Cafe - This cafe is known for its’ old-world scene - you’ll feel as if you’ve stepped back in time walking in. Bookshelves line the walls, featuring a collection of classics.  It’s a popular spot where locals go to grab a bite to eat, and has become known as an Instagrammable place too.


    • Buka is known for its famous almond croissants.  They were sold out by the time we arrived, so I ordered a fig pistachio creme croissant  (unbelievably good), and a hot chocolate.  The hot chocolate at Buka is a work of art.  
    almond croissant buka
    woman at buka cafe things to do in copenhagen in winter
    pastry buka cafe

    Marvel at Frederik’s Church & Explore King Street

    Frederik’s Church is one of those buildings that you don’t see…until it’s suddenly looming over you.  The glowing green dome and magnificent architecture make for a beautiful backdrop, and the interior is just as breathtaking.  Frederik’s Church is located along Store Kongensgage, which has charming shops and restaurants that you can check out after your stop at this church.

    Compass Roam Classroom: Frederik's Church Took 145 Years to Build!

    Frederik’s Church was commissioned to be built in 1749, and the goal was to make it entirely of marble.  However, the architect died suddenly, leaving the building unfinished until the 1800’s.  A man named Ferdinand Melhdahl bought the property, but had the builders use limestone as it was cheaper.  It was finally finished in 1894, 145 years after the first stone had been laid!


    Next Time I'm in Copenhagen...

    We accomplished quite a lot in 3 days, but here are some of the activities I'm focused on checking off our list for the next visit. 

    • Float in a Hot Tub on the water:  With Copenhot you can float in a giant wooden hot tubs situated directly in the river!  Sadly, this was closed during our trip, but it’s #1 on my list to try for next time.  
    • Visit Rosenborg CastleRosenborg Castle dates back to the 17th century and features some of the king’s greatest treasures.  The interiors are well preserved, and may make you feel as if you’re back in Renaissance times.  It's also walkable from the historic center. 
    • Watch the skateboarders at Superkilen Park: This urban area has a jogging track, playground, basketball courts, and skateboard ramps.   
    • Go Ice Skating at Broen’s Ice Rink:  While I did pass by Broen’s ice rink, I decided not to test my ice skating skills post jet-lag.  However, this area has a fun, festive energy that attracts both tourists and locals.  The rink overlooks the harbor and is located on the other side of Nyhavn, across the Inner Harbor Bridge.  It’s also very family friendly.  
    • Copenhagen Botanical Garden:  Located in the heart of the city is the Copenhagen Botanical Garden, which dates back to  1874!  There are over 13,00 species, 27 glass houses, and a cool iron spiral staircase for a perfect photo moment!  
    • Santa Lucia Kayak Parade:  Oh man how I wish my trip had taken place on December 13th!  On December 13th, there is the annual Santa Lucia parade, where thousands of kayakers float down the harbor singing Christmas carols, with decorated kayaks caked in lights and Christmas decor.  
    • The National Gallery:  The National Gallery is located in the city center, and is Denmark’s largest art museum.  It is especially known for its collection of art from the Danish golden age.  
    • Hang out at Huset:  Huset is Copenhagen’s largest cultural center, and hosts concerts, movies and plays.  If you want to experience a particularly cool section of the center, head to Bastard Cafe – a game room where locals hang out playing chess and backgammon.  It’s the perfect spot to head to if the weather turns rainy and cold!  You’ll feel that hygge spirit come alive inside. 
    • Day Trip to Frederiksborg Castle and Kronborg Castle:  Both of these castles are a short drive from the city center.  Frederiksborg Castle is surrounded by a lake and garden, and houses the Museum of Natural History.  Kronborg Castle is a Renaissance-era castle, UNESCO Heritage site, and known as the home of Hamlet. 
    • Go inside Christiansborg Palace:  Although I did technically see this on our bike tour with Segway Tours Copenhagen, we did not get to venture inside. Christiansborg Palace houses the Danish Parliament, and is known as one of the filming sites for the TV series Borgen.  Inside, you tour the rooms, experience a view of the city from the tower, and explore the ruins under the building, which date back to 12th century.  

    Need Help Planning Your Trips?

    Where to stay in Copenhagen

    This isn't the city where you'll find big brand hotel names splashed across high-rise towers.  Instead, when it comes to luxury lodging, Copenhagen is filled with historic properties, and cozy boutique hotels you can call home.  Here are a few suggestions of highly recommended places near the best things to do In Copenhagen in water, as well as the place we chose to stay -- Skt Petri.

    • Skt PetriSkt Petri (soon to be rebranded as Hotel 1 Copenhagen) is located between the historical center, and the more trendy Latin quarter section. When you walk out the door, you’re just steps away from shops, local cafes, and city life.  Even if you're not a guest, make sure to check out the gigantic light filled lobby, and make a breakfast reservation too.  The omelettes, freshly baked bread, and delicious pastries, had us waking up excited for breakfast each day!  
    lobby skt petri things to do copenhagen winter
    skt petri hotel
    skt petri breakfast - things to do copenhagen winter
    • Nimb Hotel- Nimb Hotel receives excellent reviews and I almost booked this one!  Eeeny Meeny Miney Moe may have been involved.  Although I did not end up staying there, I did walk through the property, which is located adjacent to Tivoli Gardens.  This is perhaps the best advantage of booking at The Nimb; you’ll actually be able to see and experience Tivoli Gardens before the throngs of people descend upon its gates. 


    • Hotel D’Angleterre - Ahh, the former history teacher in me loved this property!  Hotel D’angleterre is not only known as one of the top luxury hotels in Europe, but it has also been around since 1755!  That’s a lot of TripAdvisor reviews!  Besides its reputation for excellent service and great food, it also has some of the best real estate in town – it’s located across the street from Kongens Nytorv , and just a few minutes walk from Nyvhan Harbor and Strøget - one of the most popular pedestrian streets.  


    That's a Wrap

    Denmark is often ranked and rated as one of the happiest countries in the world, and after just a few short days, it’s easy to see why.  Whether it’s snowing outside, or there's a chill is in the air, or there’s a little wind whipping around, you can find the Danish simply enjoying the outdoors.  You can tell the locals love their city, and the energy they bring is infectious.  Their warm, welcoming spirit is found in the cozy, crowded pubs and bars…in the streets with people exploring markets and stores…on the bikes passing by…and through their delicious and comforting food.  There was so much to explore and experience in this charming city, with plenty of things to do in winter.  On our next trip here, I want to see what those 20 hours a day of sunlight looks like!   

    nyhavn harbor things to do Copenhagen winter

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