2020 Holiday Gift Guide for Travelers

Anybody out there traveling? I know…it sounds like a dream. It may not be what you’re thinking about right now, however, the travelers in your life are getting mighty antsy.  With the holidays just around the corner, it’s a good time to check some gift ideas off your list. This 2020 travel holiday gift guide will help steer you in the right direction.

holiday gift guide for foodies
  1. The Traveling Spoon Cooking Experience | 2. Fondue Kit | 3. Magnolia Bakery Banana Pudding Kit

Since the world is on hold, why not bring a delicious culinary experience right to your favorite foodie’s doorstep? The Traveling Spoon offers online cooking classes with chefs from around the world.  This company also connects local hosts with visitors, who then spend the day touring markets and cooking authentic meals together.

Or, if your foodie loved one would prefer to enjoy a culinary experience in the comfort of their own home, then give them what they need to make delicious chocolate / cheese fondue. It’s a perfect yummy, winter treat.

Lastly, if they’re a Magnolia Bakery fan (like me), then you can purchase a Magnolia Bakery banana pudding kit to make at home. Sex and the City may have put this shop’s cupcakes on the foodie map, but the banana pudding is just as decadent. My husband still marvels at my ability to scarf down a helping at lightening speed.

holiday gift guide comfort
  1. Eye Mask | 2. Travel Slippers | 3. Travel Pillow

Let’s face it — sometimes travel is rough and tough on the human body.  Even the most weathered travelers need some TLC every now and then.  However, comfort gifts should not equal cumbersome gifts. Check out these foldable, lightweight, and easy- to-transport items, which make excellent stocking stuffers.  Even my husband has become a convert to eye-covers, or “blinkies” as I call them.

holiday gift guide organized traveler
  1. Away Medium Suitcase | 2. Packing Cubes | 3. Nordace Bookbag

We’ve all been there. You promise yourself this time it will be different — this time you will keep everything tidy in your suitcase. But then, BOOM! It looks like a clothing bomb went off, which could’ve been avoided with the right gear. Here are some of my favorite gadgets and luggage items to accomplish that goal. First, packing cubes are a must. If you haven’t joined the cube family, welcome. Also, the Away suitcase has plenty of space (to neatly fit those cubes), and the Nordace Bookbag is an excellent on-the-go bag. It has plenty of compartments to keep your items categorized, and fits more than you’d think. It’s my go-to carry-on bag.

  1. Uppababy Minu Travel Stroller | 2. iPad | 3. Stackable Snack Container

So you decided to bring the kiddos, huh?  Good for you! I love the ambition, but right now you’ve got to keep them entertained on the plane / in the car, sleeping well, and most importantly…fed.  My 2 year old has accompanied me on a few journeys, and these are some of my must-have items.  The iPad helps on long car or plane rides. Make sure to also purchase a kid friendly case with a built in stand, like this one.  If you’re bringing an infant or small toddler, I find it useful to have a stroller for the airport and destination — our Uppababy Minu has often transformed into a transportable crib when needed. It’s light-weight, fits in most airplane overhead containers, and has a wide storage compartment at the bottom. Lastly, the stackable snack containers help to keep snacks organized and has even creatively transformed into “blocks” in moments of entertainment desperation on the plane.

  1. Tumi Small Backpack | 2. Kindle | 3. Travel journal

When I hit the road with my family, I gradually start to feel like I’m part mom, part sherpa.   Oh the places diapers and formula will go! After a day of adventuring, I like to pull out some “just for mom” items for me to enjoy.  I never travel anywhere without my Kindle; it’s lightweight and small, making it easy to pack. Also, before I turn the lights out, I try to jot down notes / ideas / memories about each day. This exercise helps me unwind and the journals have become travel momentos themselves. My favorite journal came from il Torchio in Florence. Lastly, even though I bring a large diaper bag for the plane, I prefer to have something small when bouncing around a city for the day. It’s a splurge, but the Tumi small book bag makes me feel more like me and less like a sherpa.

holiday gift guide photography
  1. Sony a7iii camera| 2. Nixplay Seed Cloud Frame | 3. Sony lens

These days, cell phone camera technology has really made some people question if they even need to lug the camera to a destination.  I hear you — I also love my cell phone camera, but there’s just no substitution for the original thing — especially if photography is a passion. I’m currently using the Sony A7III and this Sony lens. I also upload my favorite pictures straight to my Nixplay Seed. It’s a Cloud based digital picture frame that makes it easy for family and friends to share photos. When travel came to a halt this year, it became a fun way to go down memory lane.

holiday gift guide games
  1. Deck of Cards | 2. Travel Backgammon Board | 3. Travel Rummikub

My family loves board games, card games, or anything that gets our competitive juices flowing.  In Turkey, my husband and I discovered that we both share a love for backgammon — so off we went to the Grand Bazaar to purchase a travel set.  It has now journeyed with us all over the world, and is kind of like our family’s Flat Stanley. It has that “well traveled” look and feel — when you open it up, sand usually spills out.  If you have a game loving traveler in your life, then consider one of these items as a holiday surprise.

holiday gift guide outdoors
  1. Waterproof Bookbag | 2. ON Cloud Sneakers | 3. Yeti Cooler

There are so many outdoor gadgets and gear choices out there, making the options feel overwhelming. However, an outdoor lover cares about three things: they want to be well prepared, well clothed, and well fed. The waterproof bookbag will keep their belongings protected from the elements. The ON Cloud sneakers won’t weigh their feet down. Lastly, the Yeti Cooler is invaluable when planning a road trip or camping experience. They come in many sizes and styles, and are supposedly bear proof (not tested by me).

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