Rosewood Mayakoba: An Unforgettable Luxury Family Resort

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If Disney is “Where Dreams Come True” for kids, then Rosewood Mayakoba, a luxury family resort, is where that happens for moms and dads. 


That’s right parents – that utopian escape exists!  Your dream of having a recharging and relaxing vacation while with those crazy kiddos IS going to happen.  The Rosewood royal treatment is coming your way and here’s a little preview.  You will finally get to read that book you’ve wanted to crack open.  You will get to finish an entire cup of coffee or tea while it’s hot.  You will get to sleep soundly – and maybe even sleep in!  Your kids will play and laugh so much that they won’t want to return home (mine cried).  Heck, this hotel will even pamper your dog.  


So what’s their secret sauce?   Here’s the honest truth…


There are a lot of beautiful hotels in beautiful places with beautiful pools -- in short, there's a lot of beautiful out there.  But, there’s only one Rosewood Mayakoba, and the service they provide catapults this resort to the top of my “favorite hotels” list.  To say their service is 10/10 would be almost insulting.  It’s a 20/10.   Remember when John Legend won an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony award?  The Rosewood Mayakoba is the John Legend of hotels.  They can do it all. 


So if you’re on the fence about pulling the trigger, let me push you.  It's the type of place you'll wish you had booked “just one more day,” and this guide to Rosewood Mayakoba will detail everything parents need to know about this luxury family resort. 

Update 2023:

We revisited the resort a year later with kids (ages 2 and 4), and found our experience a second time around to be just as magical -- if not better!  This is a luxury resort that stands the test of time.  Below, you will find update boxes with further information, as well as updated photos.  So, if you're wondering why the baby suddenly transforms into a massive toddler, that's why! 

lagoon rooms - rosewood mayakoba luxury family resort
dad and kids underwater rosewood mayakoba luxury family resort
mom and daughter casa del lago pool - Rosewood Mayakoba luxury family resort
Punta Bonita pool - rosewood mayakoba luxury family resort
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    Where Is Rosewood Mayakoba Located?

    The Rosewood Mayakoba overlooks the turquoise blue coastline of the Riviera Maya, tucked between Cancun and Tulum.  Once you’ve entered the Mayakoba paradise, the world melts away.


    Although this luxury family resort shares the 600 acre Mayakoba complex with 3 other hotels -- Andaz, Fairmont, and Banyan Tree -- you won’t feel overcrowded.  Everything is lazily stretched out across the jungle terrain, mangrove trees, and white sandy beaches.  Lagoon canals connect the properties, allowing guests to venture from one hotel to another by boat.

    How to Get to Rosewood Mayakoba

    Rosewood Mayakoba is a 40-45 minutes drive south of Cancun International Airport.  Reserve the hotel’s SUV transfer ahead of time – it’s incredibly safe and contains everything your family needs after a day of travel.  You’ll hop into a large Suburban, with perfectly AC-cooled temperatures, and bottles of cold water.  There’s even a tray of locally made snacks, a bucket of beers on ice, and mango juice boxes for the kids.  The driver also offered phone chargers, WIFI connection, and had already installed both kids’ car seats (note: request this ahead of time).

    When to visit: Temperatures are warm year round, but the peak travel months range from December- May, when temperatures are hottest (80-90 degrees).  June/July/August are also popular months to visit, as the temperatures are warm, but rates are lower (higher risk of hurricanes).

    google map image Maya riviera
    Photo Credit: Google Maps
    google map image - mayakoba complex
    Photo Credit: Google Maps
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    A Lay of the Land: Rosewood Mayakoba

    The Rosewood Mayakoba property is divided into two main sections: the lagoon and the beach.  You’ll find the main lobby, 3 restaurants, spa, gym, and large pool on the lagoon side.  The beach features another family-friendly pool, Rosewood Explorers kids' club, a lunchtime restaurant, and the adults-only pool/bar. 

    Getting Around the Property

    Paved paths connect the lagoon to the beach, and it takes about 15 minutes to walk from the shoreline of the Caribbean Sea, up through the mangrove forest, to the restaurants that sit on the lagoon.  Moms, I know what you’re thinking – “Is that going to feel like hundreds of miles apart with young kids?”  Nope!  It’s easy to call for a golf cart; they swing by often, and will take the kids, the beach bags, and you can even throw your stroller onboard.  

    You can also meander through the resort using one of the complimentary bikes provided.  This was my personal favorite way to explore the hotel grounds.  Each room comes with 2 adult bikes, equipped with a cute basket to store your belongings.  They also offer children’s bikes upon request.  

    If you’re interested in visiting another one of the resorts within Mayakoba, the hotel will give you a ride on one of the Duffy boats, or on a speedy golf cart.  I highly recommend reserving a boat for this! 

    girl and mom walking through rosewood mayakoba luxury family resort
    bikes at rosewood mayakoba luxury family resort
    rosewood Mayakoba resort map
    Photo Credit: Rosewood Mayakoba

    What's the Vibe? Is It Kid-friendly?

    Rosewood Mayakoba is a refined luxury hotel inspired by local Mexican traditions and customs.  This is not a pop-up hotel chain where every part of the experience feels standardized.  What sets the Rosewood brand apart is its connection to the soil it stands on.  You’re vacationing at a Mexican resort that actually feels…Mexican!  


    Everything from the architecture, to the authentic cuisine, to “little touches,” reveal that this hotel cares about the culture and showing it off in creative ways.  Every night we discovered a locally crafted figurine left on our pillow, with a notecard explaining its significance to Mayan culture. They also gave each family a delicious chocolate bar, with Mayan calendar designs sketched into the milk chocolatey grooves.  


    And most importantly, it was a destination that welcomed families with open arms.  Honeymooners can travel here and feel privacy and romance, while groups of giggling kids can also show up and be themselves.  Staff greeted my kids by name with warm smiles, and never threw a frustrated frown at the food left all over the floor by the baby.  And trust me, Maverick’s messes were quite epic!

    father and daughter dancing - rosewood mayakoba luxury family resort

    Hotel Highlights For Families

    The Rosewood Mayakoba is a luxury family resort with amenities designed to make your vacation easy!  There are countless ways this hotel goes above and beyond for families -- here are some highlights that really elevated the experience for us:  

    • Out of this world service…including a personal butler:  Every person working at Rosewood Mayakoba was willing to lend a helping hand, and go the extra mile to make a 3 year-old smile.  When the pina colada flavored popsicles showed up at the pool, Claire’s eyes popped out of her head.  Or, after returning from dinner, we found the bathtub had been filled for the kids with bubbles and balloon sea animals.  Just about anything you may need is just a text message away.  Keep reading to learn more about this service.  
    • Spacious bedrooms designed with families in mind:   The suites at Rosewood Mayakoba are designed to comfortably accommodate everyone in your party. The deluxe lagoon suite was perfect for our family of 4, with separate sleeping spaces for our daughter and baby.  When we arrived there was a welcome gift, salty snacks, bed rails for the pull out sofa, baby monitors hooked up, and bottle sanitizers ready to go. 
    • Two family friendly pools:  Ever feel like the family pool is the one that gets tucked in the back?  Not here!  The Punta Bonita pool sits next to the white sand beach, with front-row views of the Caribbean Sea.  There is also another family-friendly pool on the lagoon side. 

    These were just some of the highlights families can look forward to experiencing!  If you’d like to learn more about these amenities, plus others offered at the Rosewood Mayakoba, then keep reading!

    Casa Del Lago - rosewood mayakoba luxury family resort
    dad and daughter jumping into pool rosewood mayakoba luxury family resort
    girl swimming - rosewood mayakoba luxury family resort

    Is the Rosewood Mayakoba All-Inclusive?

    This is a top-tier luxury family resort, so understandably, the first questions that come to mind may be: “How much will this cost me? Is anything included?”  

    While Rosewood Mayakoba is not technically “all-inclusive,” there are a few invaluable complimentary features that would cost you extra at another resort.  These include:

    Kids' Amenities / Pricing

    Good news parents: kids under 5 eat free at Rosewood Mayakoba!  And this hotel doesn't skimp on the kids' meals either – think beautifully cooked salmon over rice and broccoli, or plates of fresh cotija cheese quesadillas served with the greenest guac. 


    The hotel also provides free “extras” in the room like a crib, mini-fridge, bath toiletries, bed rails, bottle sanitizers, diaper pail, high-chair, bathtub insert, and kids’ bathrobes.  These were all high quality products that were safe and easy to use.  Even the pack-and-play was great!  It was wide, sturdy, and had a firm mattress for a sleeping baby.  All of these amenities won't pop up as hidden charges at the end of the trip -- and they were really useful to have.  Housekeeping even went above and beyond to monogram the baby's pillow with his name when we revisited a year later!  

    Rosewood Explorers Kids' Club

    When we arrived at our room, the counselors from the Rosewood Explorers program had already sent Claire a welcome letter, and a small bag filled with gifts like puzzles, a beach ball, and an "explorer" notepad.  Talk about making a kid feel like a million bucks!  


    For the kids' club, no reservation is necessary, and everyday there are a variety of activities, such as freeze dance, arts and crafts, and pizza making classes.  The clubhouse room is located adjacent to the pool and main beach-side restaurant.  It’s easy to pop in to check on things, or send the kids over while waiting for lunch to arrive.

    girl holding wax mold by a pool
    ceramics - Rosewood Mayakoba

    Update 2023:

    Claire participated a lot more in the kids' club this year (now 4 years old), and loved the experience.  They offer activities that are a bit more unique -- like making wax molds of your hands, painting ceramics with a local artist, and there was even a "kids' spa day."  This included manicures, face painting, and hair styling.

    Butler Service

    In all my travels, I have never experienced the level of service – especially for a family– that the Rosewood Mayakoba butlers showcased so professionally and warmly.  Every guest will have their own “butler went beyond” stories to add to the mix – these are some memories that stuck with us:


    We had the lovely experience of working with Vicky and Gerry.  They each seemed to anticipate what we needed before the thought had crossed our own minds.  Golf carts arrived to take us to dinner before I had even remembered where dinner was booked!  Vicky dropped off extra bottled water to use for baby-bottle cleaning.  And, after seeing Claire eye the beautifully large-tiled bathtub, Vicky surprised her with a bathtub filled with bubbles and balloon sea animals.  Gerry drop off a kid's training wheels bike, after seeing Claire longingly eye the other kids zipping through the property.  He also tracked down the chef's muesli recipe for me, given I became slightly obsessed eating it.  


    On our return trip in 2023, Ana and Frank were our assigned butlers - and they were fantastic!  Ana helped set up an epic balloon bubble bath for the kids again. And, then there was Frank who helped secure one of the hottest kid toys at the resort -- a mermaid tail.  The gift shops sells these bathing suit "attachments", and they were flying off the shelves.  Given my daughter's dream is to one day be a mermaid, it was a magical moment when one of these appeared in our room for Claire to take home -- thanks to Frank's timely help.

    balloon animal bubble bath - rosewood mayakoba luxury family resort
    girl with mermaid tail on - Rosewood Mayakoba luxury family Resort

    Rosewood Mayakoba Amenities

    Have I convinced you to book a trip to this luxury family resort yet?  Need some more details?  Here’s a run down of the other amenities and services offered by the Rosewood Mayakoba.  

    Check In / Welcome

    casa del lago pool - rosewood mayakoba luxury family resort

    When you arrive at Rosewood Mayakoba your bags will immediately vanish from your hands, only to be replaced by a refreshing welcome drink.  


    The only difficult aspect about check-in is that it’s hard to stay focused.  Your eyes will dart over to the luxurious pool and the kids may start shouting “Look mommy! Monkeys!”  Black Howler Monkeys are rare to see on the property, but since we arrived during a passing tropical downpour, man and monkey ran for cover in the same luxurious lobby.  


    It’s here you’ll meet your butler, who will provide a lay of the land, explaining special features about the luxury resort.  If you booked a lagoon suite, you’ll board a comfortable Duffy boat cruiser, and sail away – for about 3 minutes – till you arrive at your room’s private dock.  If you reserved a beach or oceanview suite, you'll be gliding through the grounds on a golf cart.  


    Right about now, you're probably getting hungry from a day of travel.  In your room, you’ll find a tray of freshly made tortilla chips, guacamole, sweet  salsas and bright mango juice.  We collapsed on our private terrace, devoured the food, and were ready to explore the grounds.


    lobby rosewood mayakoba luxury family resort
    baby in lobby rosewood mayakoba
    mom and son hotel lobby area rosewood mayakoba
    welcome snack - rosewood mayakoba

    Grounds and Games

    The immaculately kept gardens and grounds of Rosewood Mayakoba will make you wish you could get lost in the jungle and stay there forever. 


    If you’ve chosen to stay on the lagoon side of the resort, you’ll begin each morning with a leisurely walk to breakfast across rainbow-arched bridges.  The morning light illuminates the lagoon, with pockets of Barbie pink flowers bursting at the water’s edge.  It’s flower power in all its glory.  


    The meandering path curves around to the gift shop, where a large swing hangs, beckoning every passerby to come hop on.  It quickly became our "pre-breakfast" tradition to play with the kids before heading to the buffet. 

    girl on swing
    girl playing life sized chess rosewood mayakoba


    Tucked behind the lobby, guests can use the ping pong table, pool table, and life-sized chess set.  It’s not everyday you can play these games under the awning of jungle trees with the live “soundtrack” of exotic birds chirping.  There’s also an outdoor half basketball court.  We didn’t spend ample time in the game area, but I filed it away as a “rainy day” activity.  


    On the path leading to the beach, you’ll pass La Ceiba Garden – the resort’s private garden, where just about every veggie and herb have a home, waiting to pop through the soil and land on your dinner plate!  There’s also a small forest of banana trees just beyond the garden’s gate.  La Ceiba hosts numerous outdoor culinary events for guests each week.  

    girl running in la ceiba garden
    mom and daughter in la ceiba garden - rosewood mayakoba luxury family resort
    la ceiba garden - rosewood mayakoba
    girl banana tree
    la ceiba garden

    Pools / Hot Tubs

    As with any tropical luxury family resort, the pools are the main star.  This is not a place where it's necessary to hop down first thing in the morning and save your lounge chair – there simply aren’t the crowds of Cancun on this side of the Riviera.  Instead, when you arrive, someone will bring you a bucket of cold bottled waters, Evian misters, and plenty of towels.   Here’s the run-down of each pool:

    • Punta Bonita Pool -  This family-friendly option is close to the beach and Punta Bonita restaurant.  It’s large figure-8 shape allows for plenty of splashing space, and it was common to see kids playing on giant floaties flowing through the water.  There’s both a large hot tub connected to the pool, and a spacious kiddie pool.  This is by far the most popular of the 3 pools, but it never felt crowded, nor chaotic.  There are also restrooms and showers available. 
    punta bonita pool -rosewood mayakoba luxury family resort
    mom and kids at Punta bonita pool
    • Casa Del Lago Pool - This is another family-friendly pool, with views of the sparkling emerald lagoon.  This was my my favorite spot at this luxury family resort.  The pool’s geometric, multi-level design reflected the architecture of a Mayan temple.  There were also plenty of shallow areas for younger kids, and mini waterfalls to play in.  While it was much quieter and calmer than Punta Bonita Pool, it did not feel stiff and formal.  
    Casa Del Lago - rosewood mayakoba luxury family resort
    woman at casa del Lago pool
    • Adults' Pool -  Why even taunt you with the adults-only utopia in a family luxury resort article?  Well, the Rosewood Mayakoba provides babysitting!  If you have some kid coverage, then you can relax here too. This section includes a few smaller pools surrounded by an adults-only restaurant, food truck and fire pit.
    adults pool rosewood mayakoba


    Rosewood Mayakoba hugs the coastline of the turquoise blue Caribbean Sea; you can walk for miles along the powdery white sand, or simply relax on the beach taking in the views.  This luxury family resort offers a variety of complimentary water sports such as kayaking, paddleboarding, sunfish sailing, and snorkeling.  Prefer to stay dry?  Ask the beach hut about playing volleyball, soccer, or bocce ball.  For an added cost, you can inquire about deep-sea fishing trips, scuba diving or other marine expeditions.  Or, you can simply build sandcastles and take family walks along the beach.  

    sailing Rosewood Mayakoba
    beach at Rosewood Mayakoba luxury resort

    Boat Ride Along the Lagoon

    The 30 minute boat tour around the emerald green lagoon is a must-do while staying at this luxury family resort – especially if you have small kids!  It is first come, first serve, so make sure to arrange with your butler as soon as you arrive.  


    Your tour kicks off with the boat picking you up at your room's private lagoon dock (if you’re staying on the lagoon side).  The comfortably furnished Duffy-style boat has white trim, wooden seating, and a beautiful green awning to provide shade.  As you cruise close to the water’s surface, you’ll want to be on the lookout for turtles, nesting birds, and if you’re lucky you may spot a small crocodile.  (Don’t worry Moms -- they’re very small, and like to hide from humans).  


    As we meandered through the lagoon canals, ducking under bridges and staring in awe of the massive lagoon villas, it was easy to just be still and take it all in.  Even my energy-filled kids found their inner Buddha on the peaceful water.

    villa at rosewood mayakoba luxury family resort
    family on Duffy boat - rosewood mayakoba luxury family resort

    Spa / Gym

    So remember those babysitting and kids' club services I mentioned earlier?  If you book childcare for one thing and one thing only, it should be for a mom-and-dad-escape to the spa!  This spa is simply next level, and when we returned one year later, it was just as we remembered.  


    Sense Spa is one of those corners of the universe where you’ll instantly feel relaxed simply walking through the front doors.  The fragrance of flowers fills the air, and sounds of waterfalls and birds singing echoes off the walls.  For the next few hours, you'll be in very good hands.  


    As you pass through the front doors, you’ll notice a full service gym and private spa pool.  The gym has plenty of equipment, free weights, indoor bikes and hosts group classes for yoga, and indoor cycling.  Outside in the spa’s pool, classes are held for floating yoga – yup, that’s right, you can really test your balance by signing up for a class conducted on a floating mat in the pool!  


    Continuing on, you’ll receive a tour of the immaculately designed locker room and you’ll prepare for your treatment.  Bathrobes, slippers and just about anything else you’ll need are waiting for you.  When you’re ready, you can either sit in the relaxing locker room lounge, or outside in the shared space under a canopy of trees.  Healthy snacks, an assortment of tea, and cold water are provided as well.  


    My treatment first began with a peaceful walk through the trees, along the lagoon's edge.  It was just about the most relaxing way to start!   Each treatment room stands independently in the jungle, and you'll easily unwind listening to the birds singing.  


    The massage itself was superb (ask for Verenice); I walked away feeling more relaxed and possibly even 2 inches taller.  After my treatment I was welcomed in the outdoor lounging section, handed fresh juice and delicious snack.  Later, I explored the steam/sauna facilities, where they provide cold towels and an exfoliator.  There's also a plunge pool and giant hot tub.   

    sense spa - rosewood mayakoba
    lounge area sense spa rosewood mayakoba
    inside of sense spa rosewood mayakoba


    The Rosewood Mayakoba has tennis and paddle courts available for guests to use.  There is also the signature 18 hole golf course, El Camaleon.  This was the first golf course in Mexico to host a PGA Tour!  While we didn’t have time to use the sporting facilities, my husband was longingly eyeing the golf course that dipped and ducked through the tropical landscape and hugged the white sand coastline.  Next time honey!

    Cooking Class

    During our return trip in 2023, we signed up for the adults’ on-site cooking class with Executive Chef Jorge Valencia, and I highly recommend it.  The one hour class included instruction on how to make salsas and adobe sauces - which we used that day for ceviche, tostadas, and tacos.  Chef Valencia had already pre grilled all the veggies and chopped the ingredients, so we started right away learning how to layer the flavors and “build” a sauce.  One of the goals of the class was to help us experience how easy and fast the sauces were to make- so that we could actually make them in our own home.  At the end of the class, we enjoyed our dishes under the Ceiba tree in the chef’s garden, and went home with a copy of the recipes.  


    Nighttime Activities

    At 5pm you’ll be wrapping up the pool games.  At 6pm you’ll be grabbing something to eat with the kids.  By 7pm the beach will have magically transformed into a movie theater, reminiscent of a drive-thru movie.  However, replace those Jeep Wranglers and greasy food, with sleek lounge chairs and perfect popcorn.  Family movie night consists of favorites like Boss Baby and Moana. 

    movie night rosewood mayakoba luxury family resort

    Rosewood Mayakoba Accomodations

    Have you ever walked into a hotel room and immediately known you never want to leave? 


    Brace yourself -- that’s going to happen here.  I don’t think there’s a “bad seat” in the house at the Rosewood Mayakoba.  Each of the 129 suites, and handful of private villas, are nestled in the tropical terrain with an open floor plan, private terrace, and heated plunge pool.  The earthy creams, browns and green interiors reflect the coloring outside, and the room highlights the local artistry in the region. 

    lagoon suite private terrace - rosewood mayakoba

    For families with 2 young kids, a deluxe lagoon suite will fit everyone comfortably.  Here’s the lay of the land: there is a separate closed off living room and dining area, master bedroom, large hallway with vanity, 2 large bathrooms, and 3 showers (including an outdoor one),  Our 3 year-old planted herself on the sofa bed, we called dibs on the 4-poster canopy bed (phew), and the baby got placed in a pack-and-play in the large hallway; we were able to close off each space, giving everyone an independent place to sleep.  


    Even though this room very much felt like home by the end of our 5 days, none of that would’ve happened without the thoughtfulness and attention to detail from housekeeping.  They went the extra mile to help us parents out!  Every night they’d transform the sofa into a bed while we were out to dinner, making it that much easier to roll the kids into bed at the end of the night.  They'd also lay wet bathing suits under the sun, and left additional fruit and snacks out for everyone to enjoy.  

    room entrance rosewood mayakoba
    bedroom rosewood mayakoba luxury family resort
    living room deluxe lagoon suite rosewood mayakoba
    bathroom rosewood mayakoba luxury family resort
    outdoor shower rosewood mayakoba

    At nighttime we'd also find a small gift left on our pillow -- a figurine, crafted by local artists, each came with a note explaining their significance to the Mayan culture.  Not surprisingly, Claire wanted me to read the card aloud, and she placed the figurines next to her bed to watch over her dreams.  These 5 animals hopped in our suitcase and now have a permanent place in her own bedroom.  

    candy left in rosewood mayakoba hotel room

    No matter which room you select at the Rosewood Mayakoba, you’re going to experience 5-star comfort.  Here 's what to know about the other options available.  Note that some are adults-only.



    • Oceanview Suites - If you prefer to be closer to the water, then you’ll want to explore the Oceanview options.  There are 1 bedroom Rooftop Oceanview Suites and 2 bedroom Oceanview Suites, all with views of the Caribbean Sea from the second-floor sun deck.  You’re steps away from the Punta Bonita pool and kids' club too. Note, there is only 1 bathroom in this configuration and no outdoor shower, as compared to the deluxe lagoon suite.


    oceanview suites
    beach rosewood mayakoba
    beach suite rosewood mayakoba
    • Beachfront Suites - If your dream vacation includes walking outside your room and immediately feeling the white sand between your toes, then a Beachside Studio Suite is the room for you!  Although they do fit up to 3 guests, it may be a better choice for families with an older child, as there is no wall to separate the  bedroom from pull-out sofa in the living area.


    • Signature Suites - The palatial Presidential Suites (located on both the lagoon and ocean side of the resort) have 3-6 bedroom configurations, accommodating groups of 6-10.  There are multiple sun decks and ample living space.  Some even have media rooms!


    • Lagoon Villas and Beach Villas -  These private villas are another celeb worthy splurge, and perfect if traveling with larger groups. There are 3-5 bedroom options with light-filled living areas, private kitchens, washer/dryers, and expansive sun decks and pools.  

    Room Tips

    • If traveling with 2 young kids: The Deluxe Lagoon Suite will give you the most space compared to other room types (excluding the signature suites and villas).  I recommend this for a family of 4 with young kids.  Suite 432 was a dream!
    • If traveling with 1 small child:  If we had been a family of 3, we would’ve opted for an Oceanview Suite; you can still close off the living area, and have your own mom-and-dad space, all while waking up the sounds of the ocean each day.   However, they’re a bit smaller and have only 1 bathroom.
    • Keep in mind: Lagoon Rooms have better access to restaurants and the Casa del Lago pool.  Oceanview rooms have better access to the beach and Punta Bonita Pool.  Golf carts make it very easy to go back and forth.

    Update 2023: A Sneak Peak inside overwater lagoon suites

    Overwater lagoon suites are typically booked for honeymooners or those on a romantic escape.  This year, as we took my mom with us, they also happen to be perfect escapes for any grandmas out there too!  I was able to tour this room and was surprised at how large and spacious it felt.  The interior courtyards allow for plenty of natural light to filter in, and the deck suspended over the lagoon has expansive views.  Even though there are other rooms nearby - it also felt completely private and serene. 10/10 recommend if you're traveling to Rosewood Mayakoba without kids too!


    Rosewood Mayakoba Restaurants

    As a guest at Rosewood Mayakoba get ready to indulge in authentic Mexican flavors and VIP treatment!  At every restaurant, waiters brought over cold towels to wipe down sandy, hot hands, and then quickly took us on a tour of the menu.  Each restaurant highlights Mexican cooking techniques, sometimes fusing ingredients with other international culinary profiles.  Every meal was packed with flavor bomb dishes!  If you’re antsy to know our favorite (it was hard to choose), then the winner goes to Al Fresco.  You’ll have to read on to learn more about the delicious dishes at this luxury family resort. 

    Restaurants - Lagoon Side

    • Casa del Lago:  Breakfast every morning starts at Casa del Lago and it is to die for!  The menu focuses on traditional Mexican food, like chilaquiles, sopes, and a separate menu entirely dedicated to various types of huevos rancheros.  I woke up each morning excited to hop out of bed and start eating (okay, that's everyday).  There is also a large continental buffet with freshly sliced meats and cheeses, refreshing fruit, perfect pastries (still miss that banana bread), crunchy cereals, and the most addicting muesli you’ll ever have.   Of course, the 3-year-old still opted for Fruit Loops.  As you enjoy your coffee or tea, you'll soak in the views of the gorgeous lagoon and the sounds of the indigenous birds chirping overhead.  This is pretty much the perfect way to start the day!


    Mexican hot chocolate
    huevos rancheros at rosewood mayakoba


    • Agave Azul: Agave Azul highlights the marriage between Mexican food and the Japanese/Chinese culinary influence most often found in the Baja region of Mexico.  The cauliflower al wok, coconut lime soup, and grilled totoaba were Compass Roam award winning dishes!  Moms and Dads, if you’re looking for an earlier dinner option, this is also the best one – it’s the only restaurant that opened at 5pm (all others 6pm). 
    agave azul bar
    cauliflower wok agave azul rosewood mayakoba
    • Zapote:  Zapote is Rosewood Mayakoba’s newest restaurant and has already converted quite a foodie following!  I personally also loved the interiors – why can’t we all have a tree grow through our kitchen?  While it’s most well known for its' lively dinner scene and hand crafted spirits, don’t miss stopping by here on the way to breakfast - they have a tray with delicious chocolate chip cookies. The lunch and dinner menus highlight the diversity of the Yucatan Peninsula culinary profile, infusing Middle Eastern flavors into the traditional Mexican dishes.  Think: Tabbouleh and Tomatillos,  Baba Ganoush with a freshly made Mexican tortillas, and seared kampachi tacos. 
    zapote bar rosewood mayakoba
    zapote bar sitting area
    • La Ceiba Garden:  A few times a week, La Ceiba Garden hosts a festive dinner service under the stars.  Dine in the resorts expansive garden, while enjoying a culinary tasting menu highlighting the garden’s bounty and dishes that reflect the Yucatan’s Mayan heritage.  Guests enjoy the multi course meal seated at large, communal tables next to other resorts guests and Rosewood associates.   I’ve never had a dining experience at a hotel where I’ve gotten to enjoy the meal with the people who helped prepare it!  Even though we got to dress up for this fun night out, the evening felt casual and free — like we were eating with longtime friends.  Reservations are required and do note that it’s an adults-only event.  
    la ceiba garden rosewood mayakoba luxury family resort
    ceiba tree rosewood mayakoba

    Restaurants - Beach Side

    • Aqui Me Quedo: Aqui Me Quedo is the adults-only beach side restaurant offering casual fresh Caribbean cuisine.  If your children are enjoying the kids' club, you can enjoy their signature ceviche or sip cocktails on the beach.


    • Punta Bonita:  After a morning swim, head to Punita Bonita to refuel with lunch!  The chefs feature traditional Mexican dishes from the regions of Michoacán, Guerrero, Oaxaca and Chiapas.  As you pour over the menu deciding what to order, you can feast on fresh guac, and homemade tortillas and salsas.  My go-to order was the fish tacos – perfectly crunchy with fresh slaw.  Once a week, there is a “seafood market,” where you can purchase fish caught just hours before.  The chef will grill it up, served with black beans, rice, and salsas.  It was a delicious feast and one of our favorite meal experiences while visiting this luxury family resort.  
    fish market rosewood mayakoba luxury family resort
    punta bonita rosewood mayakoba

    Weekly Culinary Events

    The Rosewood Mayakoba hosts weekly events that highlight different aspects of Mexican cooking.  It’s necessary to sign up ahead of time for the Mexican Grill and Beach BBQ; these are set prices and start at 6:30pm.   


    • Mexican Grill:  On Thursdays Punita Bonita hosts a Mexican Grill.  The beach transforms into a giant grill cookout, with meat, fish and veggies prepared to perfection on an open flame grill.  Guests can choose a variety of sauces and homemade tortillas.  There is live music and views of the Caribbean Sea.  


    • Beach Food Fest: Twice a week Aqui Me Quedo hosts the Beach Food Fest.  During our first visit we did not sign up for this, and I really regretted it!  We could hear the music from our lagoon room and I experienced some serious FOMO. So, for our second trip, I made sure to make reservations — it did not disappoint.  The menu highlights Mexican and Southeast Asian cuisine, serving steamed buns, samosas, seafood paella, artichoke tamales, vegetable empanadas, and  some crazy amazing corn polenta cooked over a charcoal grill  It’s set up in stations, so you can eat at your own pace and most importantly — go back for seconds!  Enjoy your meal while the kids play in the sand, and listen to the live music filling the air.
    bonfire at adults pool Rosewood Mayakoba
    beach Rosewood Mayakoba
    • Al Fresco: A few times a week, the adults-only side of the beach transforms into a family friendly restaurant serving some of the best Mexican food I’ve ever tasted.  It was the only dinner restaurant we visited twice!  The tables and chairs are neatly sprinkled throughout the sand, with mini fire pits lighting the way.  If you’re visiting with small kids, request a table directly in the sand – then the kids can make sandcastles and play while you relax!   The food service begins with spicy salsa made tableside.  It was awesome to hear the waiter tell us stories of his own dad passing on the family recipe (I tried to feverishly take notes).  The menu highlights ceviche, moles, and freshly caught fish.  Our must-orders included the Black Bean Tetela (like a fancy hot pocket), the negro mole (to die for), and the churros.  My husband doesn’t typically gravitate towards churros, and he even loved them!
    mole at rosewood mayakoba

    Holidays at Rosewood Mayakoba

    I am happy to report that the Easter Bunny DOES in fact make his way to Mexican luxury resorts, and puts on quite the event.  The night before Easter, we came back from dinner to find two small baskets left in the room, with instructions on where to go in the morning for the hunt.  Both kids were so excited to see what the Easter bunny would leave for them. 


    After breakfast, we made our way to the beach, which had been transformed overnight into an Easter themed party — food carts with delicious treats lined the paths, and there were vibrant decorations covering the palm trees and lounge chairs.  The kids gathered together for the big hunt to start, and even met the Easter bunny while waiting!  When the alarm sounded, it was a mad dash to find eggs and candy, but luckily, there were plenty of loot for everyone to fill their baskets.   If you’re looking for a place to spend the holiday in the future, this is it!  

    easter at rosewood mayakoba

    Day Trips from Rosewood Mayakoba

    It was tough to tear ourselves away from the exquisite property during this trip!  However, if I were to return with older kids, I would most definitely trust Rosewood Mayakoba to craft an off-site excursion that is both safe and packed with fun.  

    Here’s a little bit about what you can find 1-2 hours outside the resort: 

    • Tulum Temples- These Mayan ruins are the only ones found directly on the Caribbean coast.  The city was a major trading port during the height of this civilization.  


    • Chichen Itza - Located 2 hours away, Chichen Itza boasts one of the 7 Wonders of the World – El Castillo – a giant Mayan religious temple.  The concierge can arrange for a regular tour, or they even offer ones by plane! 


    • Valladolid and Ek- Balam:  Valladolid is a vibrant town that I’m dying to visit!  The town is painted in bright colors, and the local people still fashion traditional Mayan clothing.  You can also visit the nearby historical site Ek-Balam -- it's far less crowded than Chichen Itza.


    • Cenote Park - This archeological site located in Coba is for the most adventurous families! Nestled deep in the rainforest, guests can visit the sacred cenotes of the Mayan people.  (Note: There are thousands of cenotes located throughout the Yucatan, so there are plenty of options if you aren't able to make it to Cenote Park). 

    Special Shoutouts

    All the resort employees seem to love their job, and a kinship exists between staff that I’ve simply never seen anywhere.  This bond translates into the careful attention to detail and welcoming spirit guests immediately feel.


    For our family, there were a few main stars who made our experience extra special.  As mentioned above, Vicky, Gerry, Ana, and Frank were all excellent butlers, and if you can request them, I would do so.


    Axel made our dinner dreams come true.  I hate to admit this but we were “those guests” who showed up to the restaurant at 4:57 pm,  3 min before it closed – I swear I didn’t know!  My kids were starving and our dinner plans at another restaurant didn't begin until 6pm.  Axel looked at me, asked what he could get the kids, and came back from the kitchen with guac, salsa and quesadillas.  He set up the table and stayed an extra 30 minutes to help.  He was a true life saver!  


    And then there was Caesar.  After we had said our goodbyes, sadly checked out, and quietly arrived at the airport, we were greeted by Caesar who whisked us around the impossibly long airport lines.  I didn’t even know this was a Rosewood service!  He saved us tons of time by navigating the lines and bag drop off.   


    These individuals really helped our vacation in a meaningful way, but in all honesty, everyone at this property is wonderful and goes the extra mile to make your vacation unforgettable.  We can't wait to return one day!


    That's a Wrap

    This was a hard property to say a final good-bye to.  My daughter sat outside on the deck with her feet sadly slumped into the pool, not wanting to leave.  Weeks later we still talk about our morning tradition sitting on the terrace snuggling with the kids, and our daily rides on the swings, not to mention the hours of pool playtime.  Visiting the Rosewood Mayakoba is a true luxury resort experience – and even more so if you’re doing it with kids.  Mom and dad, you’re going to have many helping hands, allowing for everyone to experience a relaxing vacation.  It’s time to catapult this resort to the top of your must-visit luxury list! 


    dad and daughter by the pool - rosewood mayakoba luxury family resort

    I hope this article has inspired your own family getaway to the Rosewood Mayakoba in the Riviera Maya.  If you have any questions, or your own travel tips, please leave them in the comments below.  Also, don't forget to sign up for the monthly newsletter, packed with travel tips, upcoming news, and access to FREE destination itineraries.

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    1. Kayla on February 14, 2023 at 3:52 pm

      Hey there wondering when you went to the Rosewood (I can’t find a date on here anywhere!)! We are consider it vs. Fairmont this May for our 2 + 4 year old on a family trip. Did you get over to the Fairmont at all to compare? Do you know if the kids club will take 2 year olds also? thanks for any info 🙂

      • Jillian on February 14, 2023 at 10:29 pm

        Hi Kayla! We visited last February (and going again this spring with a 4 and 2 year old).
        I did not get to really see the Fairmont (except for passing through on a lagoon tour). I think Rosewood is known to have better rooms (a pool in the room is amazing – especially for when it’s time to go back for nap – you’re still in a great spot) the food is also phenomenal. Fairmont is said to have a slightly nicer beach but honestly the pools are rosewood are so great and that didn’t bother me at all. The kids club starts at 3 or 4. I don’t think they take 2 year olds but oftentimes they may let you still use the space as long as you accompany the 2 year old. While I think both properties are probably stunning – there is something really special about rosewood. It’s one of my favorite hotels in the world and I think it’s just incredible for families. So my vote would be rosewood!

        • Jennifer Ebarb on March 23, 2023 at 1:33 pm

          Hello! Loves the article, so thanks for all the details! I’m traveling there in 2 months with our baby who will be 11.5 months old by then.

          I’m a little nervous on what to expect as far as the provided baby stuff. How was the crib? I’m VERY into sleep safety (ie: safe cribs, mattress).

          Is the baby furniture relatively new? Doesn’t like like it’s outdated/not safe?

          As far as traveling from the lobby—>room, I’ve read it’s by boat. Do they have life jacket available?

          I’d love to pick your brain more to help ease my mind with our first trip with this little nugget!

          • Jillian on March 24, 2023 at 6:19 am

            Hi Jennifer – You’re going to have an amazing trip! It’s an incredible resort for families. When we visited I brought my own pack and play so can’t speak to the crib/safety of it. What type of baby furniture were you inquiring about in terms of safety? I don’t know if they have life preservers for the kids on the boats, but you don’t have to travel by boat to get to the room. When you check in, you can ask to go by boat (if you have a lagoon room) or they can just take you by golf cart.

    2. Stephanie on March 19, 2023 at 11:26 am

      Do you think the beach fest would be fun for children (6 and 4)?

      • Jillian on March 19, 2023 at 12:42 pm

        Hi there- Yes I do! When we went we hadn’t signed up for it, and they were sold out — I was bummed we didn’t get to go because looked like fun. We’re returning again in a few months and I will be taking mine this time around (ages 5 and 2).

    3. Tara on April 7, 2023 at 10:32 pm

      So well detailed and super helpful for traveling families. I’m definitely sold on visiting here with my little ones. Thanks Jillian!

      • Jillian on May 14, 2023 at 8:00 pm

        You’re so welcome! I think your family would love it!

    4. Alex on May 14, 2023 at 5:49 pm

      Awesome photos and love this post! Did you need a stroller to get around the property? Which restaurant was the pictures of the kiddos playing in the sand/laying on the beach chair taken at? Looks so fun!

      • Jillian on May 14, 2023 at 8:07 pm

        Thank you so much! It’s very easy to use a stroller for little ones – I took mine the first time I visited with a 1 year old — but it’s definitely not necessary. It’s very easy to call for a golf cart and to hop on with the family. The restaurant with the kids playing in the sand is technically the Aqui Me Quedo restaurant. Aqui Me Quedo is the adults’ only restaurant (if you were to search dining on RW website that’s what you’d see listed), but a few times a week they use that space for family friendly dinners. They host a Mexican grill, and a beach fest there. Or, they change the menu and use the restaurant for the Al Fresca menu. So, you have a few different opportunities to eat at the beach area if you have kids with you. I highly recommend going when it transforms into Al Fresca, because the mole on the menu is outstanding. We also went for Beach Fest recently and it was great too. Lots of kids running around.

    5. Amanda Buchanan on January 8, 2024 at 10:29 pm

      Do they have kids menus with basic things like chicken tenders, hamburgers and pizza? My kids will try some things but on vacations these are their go to things. Thanks!

      • Jillian on January 9, 2024 at 7:01 am

        Hey Amanda – I don’t think they offer pizza or hamburgers at any of their restaurants. They will have chicken options but it’s more…”adventurous” let’s say…than chicken nuggets. Like chicken and fried rice…things like that. The food is phenomenal so I’d recommend going if you’re a foodie. The hotel has excellent service and I’m sure if you request a more simplified version of their kids dishes, they’d be happy to accommodate in whatever way they can. Also, not sure your kids’ ages, but keep in mind kids under 5 eat free!

    6. Anna Jackson on January 20, 2024 at 8:35 pm

      This is so helpful! We are about to book for our family of 4. We have an 8 and 5 year old. Debating whether we should stay 5 or 6 nights. This price difference is pretty significant. Do you think 5 nights is enough time to enjoy?

      • Jillian on January 21, 2024 at 6:44 am

        Hi Anna – thanks for the kind words! You’re going to love this property. Yes, I think 5 days is enough time. It’s the type of place where you’ll always wish you had “booked just one more day,” but if 5 vs 6 days is a significant cost difference, I would do the 5. (We’ve always gone for 5 days for reference). Let me know if you have any other questions 🙂

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